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Core Drills

Developed by our team of experts, GSI has the ability to offer
both single and dual core drills which can be utilized to support
topside or subsea operations.
GSI‘s dual core drills are placed at 180 degrees from each other.
Upon actuation, they operate simultaneously to meet in the
center of a targeted multi-strong conductor. The end result is a
complete void that will accept a lifting pin for casing sectioning

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Single & Dual Core Drill Applications 

  • Pinning Single and Multi-String Conductors for installation
    of a lifting plan. 
  • Slot Recovery
  •  Pinning Piles Inside Legs

Core Drill Specifications

24" Dual Core Drill36" Dual Core DrillSingle Core Drill
Dimensions2' 7" Height - 4' 3" Width - 9' 4" Length2' 7" Height - 5' 3" Width - 10' 4" Length2' 1" Height - 2' 3" Width - 4' 7" Length
Weight925 lbs.925 lbs.150 lbs.
Drill RangeUp to Maximum 6" ODUp to Maximum 6" ODUp to Maximum 6" OD
Clamping Range6" - 24" OD6" - 36" OD

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