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Frac Support Equipment

Fracturing and gravel packing, sometimes known as "frac-pack," has been an option for completing wells in unconsolidated sand reservoirs since the process was pioneered in Oklahoma in 1949.

Offshore Frac & Gravel Assist Equipment Packages are critical for the completion phase of most wells. At Gulfstream Services, Inc., our specialized systems work alongside HPDUs throughout completion and wellbore cleanout. We also provide equipment during the Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) process.

We offer a full array of offshore completions support equipment and services.  Our large inventory includes Chiksan® iron, frac heads, frac manifolds, frac control panels, coflex hoses, and gravel pack wash pipe and handling tools. 

We understand the critical nature of offshore completions work; therefore, all of our equipment comes with both a Certificate of Service (COS) and a Certificate of Conformance (COC), and GSI technicians are trained to strict maintenance and quality assurance procedures. In addition, we maintain full material traceability for our equipment and can produce a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) upon request.

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Offshore Frac & Gravel Pack Support Packages

Benefits of Renting

One of the first questions asked once establishing a project timeline is to rent or buy the necessary equipment. Considering the offshore industry is a multi-disciplinary sector, incorporating a broad range of tools and services throughout the value chain, hardly any project is the same. Each job is different, and few jobs are truly long term. There are many opportunities to save when renting equipment as opposed to buying.

By combining a broad line of the best available equipment with exceptional technical expertise, GSI delivers better overall solutions that translate into cost savings.

Frac & Gravel Pack Package Types

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