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Large Bore Monoline Systems

  • Reduce Rig-up Time
  • Minimize Leak Points
  • Reduced Footprint on Pad
  • Modular design allows custom set ups to accomodate smaller operations
  • Reduced iron connections
  • Reduced iron restaints
  • Reduced hoses and hose connections
  • Reduced rig down time
large bore monoline system

FracStream Systems Features, Advantages and Benefits

FracStream Image
  • High-Pressure Side:

    Connections: 7 1/16" 15,000 PSI
    Max Rate: 120 BPM
    Max PSI:   15,000 PSI 
    Manifold Skid Included
    7 1/16" 15,000 PSI Check Valve Included

  • Low-Pressure Side:

    8" Dual Rail with split stream isolation
    Inlet:    (12) 6" Fig. 206 Male connections
    Outlet: (38) 4" Fig.206 Female connections

  • Skid:

    Length: 105'
               Skid Inner Diameter - 56"
               Skid Header - 8'
               Total System - 75,000 lbs
               Skid Only - 18,800 lbs

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