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Gulfstream Services, Inc. Patents & Patent Applications

GSI's METHODS AND  APPARATUS FOR DROPPING A PUMP DOWN PLUG OR BALL are covered by one or more of the following patents and published applications:

Country/RegionPatent NumberPublication NumberApplication Number
Australia 2008254874 
Australia 2010292570 
Australia 2011252793 
Australia 2014200015     
Australia 2016204009 
Brazil PI0811244-4 
Brazil 112012004302-1 
Brazil 112012029123-8 
Canada 2,686,270 
Canada 2,798,771 
Canada 2,808,780 
European Patent Office* EP2148973 
European Patent Office EP2470749
European Patent Office EP2569508 
Mexico 305423 
Mexico 328420 
Mexico 329440 
Mexico 348254 
Mexico 355837 
United States 7,607,481 
United States 7,841,410 
United States 7,918,278 
United States 7,980,313 
United States 8,215,396 
United States 8,256,515 
United States 8,573,301 
United States 8,622,130 
United States 8,651,174 
United States 8,939,209 
United States 8,997,850 
United States 9,341,040 
United States 9,410,395 
United States 9,689,226 
United States 9,863,212 
United States 10,196,876 
United States 10,208,556 
United States10,550,661
United States10,633,950
United States10,947,807
United States10,968,719
United States11,459,845
United States11,519,243
United States11,814,922
United States11,821,285
Venezuela 10-10 
* EP2148973 validated in Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, and the United Kingdom 

Gulfstream’s METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CEMENTING WHILE RUNNING CASING IN A WELL BORE is covered by one or more of the following patents and published patent applications:

Country/RegionPatent Number
United States 8,561,700 
United States 9,598,925 
United States 9,957,773 
United States 10,337,278

GSI's METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEACTIVATING A HYDRAULIC DEVICE THAT IS LEAKING HYDRAULIC OIL is covered by one or more of the following patents and published patent applications:

Country/ RegionPatent NumberPublication NumberApplication Number
Canada 2,897,960
Eurasian Patent Office 030924 
European Patent Office EP280273 
United States 10,605,372 B2US-2013-0199619-A1 

GSI's TEMPORARY PIPING AND RESTRAINT SYSTEM is covered by one or more of the following patents and published patent applications: 

Country/RegionPatent NumberPublication NumberApplication Number
Canada 2,938,825 
United States US-2018-0274708-A1 
United States 16/275,511 
United States 14/965,527 
United States 9,890,890 
United States 9,920,870 
United States10,247,346 
United States 10,415,736
United States 10,907,758
United States11,536,410
United States11,512,806


Country/RegionPatent NumberPublication NumberApplication Number
United States11,732,562

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