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Hydraulic Grapples

Gulfstream Services, Inc.'s hydraulic grapples rental can be used to perform subsurface debris removal services of all types, including:

  • Toppled platform structure removal
  • Pipeline salvage
  • Boulder / rock / object removal
  • Cement mat recovery
  • Subsurface umbilical recovery
  • Riser / spar salvage
  • Chain and cable mooring system recovery
  • Much more...

Dual Grapple System 

Our hydraulic grapples can be used individually or as part of GSI's patent-pending dual grapple system. The system consists of a spreader bar, two grapples, a double drum hose reel, and power pack. 

The spreader bar allows grapples to be positioned from 8’0” on center up to 32’0” on center. This system creates a more stable recovery system center point during the removal of long objects like platform legs, conductors, and pipelines 

Bucket Inserts 

GSI can equip our hydraulic grapples’ jaws with excavation bucket inserts, capable of removing in excess of 5 cubic yards of mud line material per closure. Applications include access to below mud line exterior cuts, rock removal, cement mat recovery, and more. 


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