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Hydraulic Shear Cutting Services

Gulfstream Services, Inc. offers a variety of Hydraulic Shears for nearly any cold-cutting application.

All five sizes of shears offered by GSI provide a durable and cost-effective advantage during cutting operations by minimizing ignition potential and personnel exposure. Shears are also free of blade consumable cost found in other cutting solutions 

All of GSI shears come with five positioning slings that reduce top-side rig down time, and that allow for subsurface angles to be manipulated more closely — regardless of a horizontal or vertical cut orientation.

Each shear comes with a GSI maintenance program and 24/7 onsite technical support.

Hydraulic Shear Models & Applications 

OSS 20:

The OSS 20 is our 20-ton universal shear for surface and subsurface cutting applications, such as decommissioning of platform decks, jackets, conductors, pipelines, docks, bridges, anchor chain, mooring cable, and riser pipe. 

OSS 7:

The OSS 7 shear is used in shearing platform structure, pipelines, surface production tubing, casing, anchor chain, mooring cable and riser pipe. The OSS 7 shear weighs just over 7 tons, allowing access to tight areas and the use of smaller cranes. 

TSS 2:

The TSS 2 shear is used in shearing platform structure, pipelines, surface production tubing and casing. The TSS 2 is on the smaller end of the hydraulic tooling arsenal, and allows access to tight areas and the use of smaller cranes. 

OSS 05:

TSS 05 is the smallest hydraulic shear in the GSI fleet. At 1,100 lbs, the tool may be handled by a diver and can be powered by an ROV.  The TSS 05 may be used to cut smaller platform structure, pipelines, wire rope, coiled tubing and surface production tubing. 


GSI Hydraulic Shear Specifications

Maximum Cut (in)3020103.5
Lifting Weight (lbs)40,00014,8003,8001,100
Length (in)2101528753
Width (in)93423623
Height (in)52654212
Maximum Working Depth (ft)7,8007,8007,8007,800

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