Offshore Gravel Pack Support Equipment

Gulfstream Services, Inc. provides a full array of gravel pack support equipment, including various sizes of wash pipe, screen tables and related handling tools, as well as Chiksan® support iron, R-STOP engineered restraints and other tools.

Add to that our experienced and highly trained personnel, and you have a gravel pack solution that can handle your most demanding operational requirements. 

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Offshore Handling Tools

  • Accutorque Wrenches
  • Bails 
  • Bowl and Slips
  • Clamps 
  • Crossovers
  • Drifts
  • Rotary Plates
  • Screen Tables
  • Tongs
  • Elevators
  • Flush Joint Pipe
  • Gauge Carriers
  • Kill Subs
  • Lift Nubbings
  • Rotary Slips
  • Stabbing Guides
  • Tubing
  • Lift Subs
  • Mule Shoes
  • Nipples
  • Pump in Subs
  • Pup Joints
  • Screen Plates
  • Stripping Plates

Wash Pipe Sizes & Specifications

GSI Flush Joint Connection

Nominal Size (in)Pipe Weight (lb/ft)Pipe Dimensions OD (in)Pipe Dimensions ID (in)Drift (in)Pipe GradeMinimum Wall Thickness (in)Optimum MUT (ft-lbs)Tensile Yield (lbs)Minimum Make-Up (ft-lbs)Optimum Make-Up (ft-lbs)Maximum Make Up (ft-lbs)
1 1/43.021.6601.2781.184P-1100.15320055,300180200225
1 1/23.641.9001.5001.406P-1100.16040060,000350400450
2 1/164.502.0631.6131.519P-1100.18050062,900450506563
2 3/84.602.3751.9951.901P-1100.15267565,000600675750
2 7/86.402.8752.4412.347P-1100.17490080,0008009001000
3 1/29.303.5002.9922.867P-1100.203140016001800

Hydril 511 Connection

Nominal Size (In)Weight (lb/ft)Pipe Dimensions OD (in)Pipe Dimensions ID (in)Drift (in)Pipe GradeMinimum Wall Thickness (lbs)Optimum MUT (ft-lbs)Tensile Yield (lbs)Minimum Make-Up (lbs)Optimum Make-Up (lbs)Maximum Make-Up (lbs)
2 1/64.502.0631.6131.519P-1100.18070087,0006007001,100
2 3/84.602.3751.9951.901P-1100.15270085,8135507001,000
2 7/86.402.8752.4412.347P-1100.174800109,4167008001,200
3 1/29.203.5002.9922.867P-1100.2031,700173,5001,4001,7002,500
4 1/212.604.5003.9583.833P-1100.2712,400230,4702,0002,4003,500

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