Offshore Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Gulfstream Services, Inc. provides a variety of wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE), as well as experienced operators. GSI’s WPCE packages offer our customers the safety, efficiency and value that their job demands, whether working inland, on the shelf or in deep water. GSI has pressure control packages suitable for both electric line and slickline applications, and we can provide a custom WPCE package solution for your specific application.

Packages generally include a grease injector, grease head with or without pack-off, test pumps, wireline BOPs, tool traps, head catchers, pump-in subs, quick test sub, lubricator, and flanges.

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5K - 15K Grease Injectors

<p>Offshore WPCE Rentals</p>
  • Grease Injector Unit — Dual air/hydraulic grease pumps
  • 100’ Discharge Hose & 100’ Return Hose
  • 2-100’ Auxiliary Hoses
  • 2-1/4” x 50’ 10M Hose to monitor well pressure from grease injector control panel.
  • 4 or 5 Tube Grease Head (Bowen Series II — packoff/linewiper)
  • Synthetic Honey Oil and Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Used

Diesel Test Pumps

5K - 20K

<p>Offshore WPCE Rentals</p>
  • Single Skid
  • Weight: 3,900 — 4,350 lbs
  • 4.27 — 5.6 BBL Holding Tank 

GSI Wireline Pressure Control Packages

ID (Inches)Pressure Rating (PSI)Description
3 1/165,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
3 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
3 1/1615,000Pressure Control Package, H2S service
4 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Quad Hydraulic Flanged Bottom BOP w Studded Top
4 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
5 1/85,000Open Hole Lubricator, Std Service
5 1/815,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
5 1/210,000Pressure Control Package, Std service
7 5/85,000Open Hole Lubricator Std Service

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