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Offshore Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Gulfstream Services, Inc. Wireline Pressure Control Equipment (WPCE) is utilized when entering and then exiting a well with sustained or expected pressure.  Quality PCE allows our customers to focus on executing targeted downhole services.

GSI provides a variety of wireline pressure control equipment for both cased and open hole, including experienced operators, for a professionally run job site. Both operators and service companies have turned to us since 1978 to provide the highest quality rental equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Electric Line and Slickline Support

GSI has pressure control packages suitable for both electric line and slickline support. We can support your land, inland, shelf, and deepwater needs both domestically and internationally. 

Experienced in PCE and wireline operations, our technicians understand what it takes to be successful. Mechanical services, logging and perforating are all more efficiently performed when surface pressure is properly managed. 

WPCE Package Types

GSI offers a variety of Offshore WPCE Rentals and packages to meet the vast array of customer needs. All equipment is manufactured by well-respected industry suppliers.  Standard and Sour Service WPCE ranging from 3” to 7.625” can support services ranging from Deepwater Completions and Well Production Intervention to Plug Back and Abandonment.  Offerings also include test pumps up to 15,000 psi for well site services.

Our WPCE undergoes rigorous maintenance and testing from the day it is manufactured throughout its serviceable life span. GSI quality control procedures follow OEM guidelines and meet API Q2 standards. These processes govern all internal rebuild, testing, and well site operations.

GSI Wireline Pressure Control Packages

ID (Inches)Pressure Rating (PSI)Description
3 1/165,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
3 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
3 1/1615,000Pressure Control Package, H2S service
4 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Quad Hydraulic Flanged Bottom BOP w Studded Top
4 1/1610,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
5 1/85,000Open Hole Lubricator, Std Service
5 1/815,000Pressure Control Package, Std or H2S service
5 1/210,000Pressure Control Package, Std service
7 5/85,000Open Hole Lubricator Std Service

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment 

5k - 15k Grease Injectors

Gulfstream’s grease injectors deliver pressurized grease to flow tubes to create & maintain a seal against the wire during wireline operations.

<p>5k Grease Injectors</p>
  • Grease Injector Unit — Dual air/hydraulic grease pumps
  • 100’ Discharge Hose & 100’ Return Hose
  • 2-100’ Auxiliary Hoses
  • 2-1/4” x 50’ 10M Hose to monitor well pressure from grease injector control panel.
  • 4 or 5 Tube Grease Head (Bowen Series II — packoff/linewiper)
  • Synthetic Honey Oil and Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Used

Diesel Test Pumps

Gulfstream’s test pumps are used for safe and efficient testing of wellhead equipment in the shop or offshore.

<p>Diesel Test Pumps </p>
  • Single Skid
  • 5k - 20k
  • Weight: 3,900 — 4,350 lbs
  • 4.27 — 5.6 BBL Holding Tank 


Customer-Owned WPCE Recertification

Understanding our customers may already have in-house WPCE, GSI can provide third party recertification.   We are capable of meeting customer requests including complete rebuild, blast/paint, NDT, reassemble and pressure test. GSI can also recertify to our internal processes, providing all support COS documentation.

Additional Offerings to Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Wireline Pressure Control rig ups and equipment will vary depending on the application, site location, and client requirements.  Additional support offerings include 1502 flow iron, catch tanks, choke manifolds, squeeze manifolds, gas busters, low pressure hoses and connections.   Adaptor spools, riser spools, gate valves, flow crosses, and flanged plug valves may all be included on one service ticket upon request.

Contact Gulfstream Services to learn more about our offshore WPCE rental equipment.

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