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Offshore Cementing Systems

Gulfstream Services’ RCH Top Drive Cement Head system is designed to drop plugs, darts or balls of any type or length during cementing or circulating applications, all while reciprocating and rotating string weights up to 3 Million pounds.

The RCH system has been engineered with a modular design and can be configured with a Swivel or Pump-In Sub, or as a stand-alone head, depending on your particular application and needs.

The Gulfstream Services RCH System has been successfully deployed on over 3,500 jobs worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our offshore cementing equipment rentals and offshore cementing systems. 

Cement Head System Features, Advantages and Benefits

Cement Head
  • Wireless Capability
  • No line-of-sight needed No personnel in the rig derrick
  • Manually Operable with a standard Kelly Valve wrench
  • Manual Backup to Wireless system
  • Only requires ¼ turn (90°) to initiate launch sequence for immediate release
  • Enables simultaneous reciprocation and rotation
  • Modular design allows infinite objects to be launched, limited only by derrick height
  • Large Plug Canister ID prevents launched object deformation
  • Can be reloaded in the derrick or on the deck
  • Allows for multiple runs with a single head 
  • Proven track record, with over 3,500 runs worldwide

Cementing Head Systems

GSI holds patents on our Cement Head System and other systems.

Cementing Head Systems

The GSI RCH System maintains a DNV Type certification.

Cementing Head Systems

The GSI Cement Head System has undergone T.H. Hill Design Review and Finite Element Analysis.  

GSI Cement Head Systems — Drill Pipe Application

Tool Max OD (in)101315.5
Tool Joint ID (in)2.753.063.06
Tensile Yield (lbs) **1,218,0002,298,0003,124,000
Max Working Pressure (psi)10,00010,00010,000
Max Torque (ft / lbs) **54,00089,00089,000
Drill Pipe Connection4 1/2" IF6 5/8" FH6 5/8" FH
Plug Launching Canister ID (in)5.036.506.50 - 7.25

   **Note- Tensile and torque rating limited by tubular connection(s)


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